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About Us

Encouraging active living, spreading mindful movement, raising positive vibration

Réii Flow serves a purpose to make little changes of your life daily, bit by bit. We believe that a sustainable active living shouldn't feel forced, and should start from love and passion. That's the concept of mindful movement that we always want to enforce in Réii. "Don't force it, and let it flow." Inspiring mindful movement as part of your life is what keep us motivating and moving. Let the spirit and emotion as the flow that guides you to a better life, and eventually elevate the vibration of the world.

Without leaving anybody behind

Réii Flow is for everyone, regardless whether you are an experienced fitness instructor or a yogi-to-be. We aim to play the role of a medium connecting you with different stages or types of active living. Here in Réii Flow, we design the pieces catering for all purposes and needs, ranging from low to medium and high impact activities. We want you to have an exceptional experience with us, throughout every stage of life.

Brand story

Started small with 4 ladies sharing the same belief about mindful movement and active living, our vision is to create a community where people inspire people in all aspects of active lifestyle. It is more than a place where people can get their activewear, we wanted to be the flow connecting people all around the world, of different occupations, ages, genders, and life stages to enjoy the beauty of mindful movement. After months of preparation, we decided to start a brand that spoke to who we are, a brand that is incorporating fashion into active wear, a brand that inspires active lifestyle, and the brand is called Réii Flow.


Réii Cloud™️

Quality Of The Fabric - What Set Us Apart From The Others

Our Signature Réii Cloud™️ Fabric was inspired by the cloud in the blue sky: barely-there, lightweight, soft and flexible. These characteristics make moving a breeze, which is perfect for hot weathers or hotter aerobic workouts.
It is the perfect fabric to wear:
  • Everyday if you are living in the tropical countries
  • In the summer
  • Sweat sessions