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Our Story

Inspired by the women who do it all, for women who can truly have it all. Feeling good doesn’t need to be expensive.

Réii Girls was founded with a vision to empower women around the
world to express themselves freely through fashion. We believe women are
multifaceted and can have it all—no compromise necessary.
The brand pushes the boundaries of high ticket pricing of leather bags by
constantly reinventing fashion with passion, distinctive aesthetic, technical
expertise and lifelong love for bags.

100% NULUS® Vegan Leather

Réii Girls’ NULUS® vegan leather was born out researching and
compiling fabric material data from over 75 fabric factories around the
world, since 2020. Designing fast fashion bags using innovative and
sustainable vegan materials is at the heart of the brand.
Made of NULUS® vegan leather, Réii Girls leather goods are versatile,
durable yet sustainable. Innovative and sustainability is in Réii Girls'
DNA. We use polyurethane, high quality canvas, and certified fabric made
from recycled plastic bottles.

For us, sustainability means a conscious effort to source, produce, consume
and dispose of resources ethically and responsibly. Becoming more
sustainable is a big goal for our team—and one we’re always broadening
and learning more about. Here are just a few ways we’re committed to
sustainable craftsmanship.
Self Manufacturing

An International Partnership Approach with A Top-of-the-line Fabric Factory

It took us 18 months for us to find the right manufacturer that share the
same values as us. We’ve partnered with a top-of-the-line factory, one that
has 33 years of experience producing leather goods for other many other
major high-end brands. Years of partnership later, we are still doing what we
love with passion – making distinctive products in small, considered batches
with attention to every details.
Brand Story

The Meaning Behind Réii Girls

The brand was created with the idea of empowering women to chase after
any goals and aspirations – to never be afraid to seek and explore new
possibilities. In this journey, we hope to create a community that inspires
women of all ages to run after their dreams.
Réii represents a strongly independent person to accomplish things that are
impeccable and extraordinary. The brand was created with the idea of
empowering women in the belief that style is a reflection of your attitude and
your personality. We hope to develop a positive and accepting community to
inspire women of all ages to find and wear their own style.
Réii Girls is made for the independent minded persons who are
constantly seeking new ventures. We aim to produce remarkable and unique
products that are not just seasonal fashion or a trend, but a style that every
individual is able to look and feel their best in.
91% Female Team

A Brand That Is Made For Women, By Women.

At Réii Girls, we are a majority female team of 8 people, creating
products for and by women. From our beautiful, light-filled office in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we design products we want to wear ourselves. We
understand our customer’s needs because we ARE our customers – women
leading busy lives who want to invest in high quality products that are
accessible, effortless and empowering. Creativity is at the heart of what we
do, we seek to celebrate feminine beauty and strength through modern
aesthetic fashion.
Passion Living

A Passionate Career

We have been diligently working on our craft, honing our accessory-making
expertise and expressing our creativity through signature designs that
convey our unique aesthetic. We believe in creating products that are deeply
express who they are inside. Nothing makes us prouder than to see so many
of our customers choose Réii Girls for an important interview, a special event and even their wedding day.